Pepper shaker

This is another easy percussion instrument, where the pepper is filled with rice or nuts. When the pepper is shaken it can create a great rhythmical sound. Also demonstrated is how to turn a pepper into a drum!


  • 1x Large pepper
  • 1x Kitchen knife
  • 1x Pack of rice
  • 1x Pack of monkey nuts
  • 1x Roll of gaffer tape


Cut around the stalk, into the pepper so that you can remove a ‘lid’. Ensure the seeds and the rest of the insides of the pepper are removed, being careful not to pierce the side of the pepper. Fill the pepper with rice or nuts and replace the lid. Hold onto the lid and shake the pepper to create the sound. Experiment with different contents and see what happens to the sound.

The pepper can also be turned into a drum. First empty out the pepper so you have a large empty air cavity inside the pepper. Stretch a piece of gaffer tape over the hole ensuring it is taut. Now tap the tape to see what sounds you can create.

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