Want to experience an Anechoic Chamber?

Colleges and schools

“Students visit the anechoic chamber and reverberation rooms. They see the most hoovered piece of carpet in the UK. The acoustics of loudspeakers, hoovers, washing machines, buildings and so much more, all need to be researched for the needs of various companies. Students … realise they can have a meaningful and interesting career in an area of physics they are interested in. I also know other colleges visit and tell me that their own students get a lot out of the outreach visits to Salford acoustics.”

Dave Cotton, Physics Teacher, @Newmanphysics

If you want to bring your class to experience physics being used in acoustical engineering, please contact us. You can visit one of the quietest places in the world, as well as the big booming reverberation chamber. We’re a busy working lab, but we’ll always try our best to accommodate college and school groups. Unfortunately, due to demand we normally restrict visits to key stage 4 and above.

If you’re school or college is near Southampton University, you could contact Nikhil Mistry, Institute of Sound and Vibration (ISVR) to arrange a tour.

General public

We run anechoic chamber tours on our UCAS open days. You don’t have to be applying for a course, just visit the University open day web pages and sign up for a tour. But don’t leave it to the last minute, places are limited.

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