Cauliflower conch

This is an instrument that you can play like a trumpet. It creates a bright tone and can be made to make play a sequence of different notes. A complex construction but satisfying to play.


  • 1x Large cauliflower
  • 1x Kitchen Knife
  • 1x Drill
  • 1x Wide diameter drill bit, the same diameter as the trumpet mouthpiece tube
  • 1 x Trumpet mouth piece


Using a knife, cut the the stem of the cauliflower to create a flat surface (where the leaves are). Remove the leaves. Using a thick drill bit, drill a hole from the stem through the the cauliflower, but take care not to go too far! Drill to the point where the stem meets the flower. You can test to see if you have done this correctly, since you will not be able to blow through the hole if you have not drilled far enough. Place your lips over the hole and blow, as if to blow a raspberry on a surface. The vibration of your lips should create a trumpet like sound. To improve the sound, either use a trumpet mouth piece or make the mouth hole rounder, to create a mouth piece shape in the cauliflower itself.

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