We’re gradually collating together some of the great acoustics demonstrations we’ve used with schools and colleges, at science shows and fairs. We’ll also be gathering experiments that can be done by students at science clubs or as part of physics’ lessons. If you have suggestions for activities we should include, comment below.

Could be a demonstration or a practical

Listening devices

Instructions on how to make listening devices that play around with ambient sound and reveal the workings of the ear. Great for demos in busy science fairs, but could also be a construction project for a lesson or science club. Works across a wide range of ages.

Hearing and sound activities

Comprehensive resources for group activities designed to explore sound, hearing and noise. Covers aspects such as what makes a sound pleasant, the ear anatomy and hearing damage. Originally developed for use in science museums during school visits, but could also be used for key stage 3 physics.

Acoustic demos

Breaking glass with sound

Breaking glass with sound is a classic demonstration of resonance loved by TV documentary makers! But it requires some care and attention to get it to work reliably.

Sound experiments

Growing Sounds

Making musical instruments from vegetables! Detailed instructions to explore sound and engineering musical instruments from strange materials. The curriculum resources were developed for key stage 2, but the activity is fun for older children and families as well.

Aeolian harp

Instruction to make an aeolian harp. These are driven by wind, so needs a very windy day to work. This activity uses a simple construction using a bucket, some strong fishing line and a peg. We’ve used this for key stage 2 students, but could also work for key stage 3.

Got any suggestions for other demos we should add? Please use the comment box below.

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kangakips@gmail.com · June 6, 2021 at 10:28 am

why narrow cannot be used to demonstrate interference of sound waves Explain

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